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Chronology -

A more detailed presentation of the steps of this individual unfoldment path will be developed over time and shown here. Check back as we research and display further information on the past with links to posts and audio content as well and build up to the present. However, what follows is the current state of this information.

We have arbitrarily assigned a Day number starting at Day Zero on what we consider to be the real beginning breakthrough from which this individual's path really started to unfold. Yet it should be noted that the breakthrough itself only followed from a unique life, circumstances, capacities and travail that led to the context, possibility and certain reality, to whatever extent it may be judged, of the specifics, setting and conditions of the nominal breakthrough.

Day Date Summary of Individual's Recorded StateS
0 June 20, 2017 Breakthrough in psychotherapy session ... (see episode 8)
1 21 Come out from under the rock
2 22 Not what, but that
3 23 Caught on a feeling of a direction
4 24 Where you can be you is a grand castle
5 25 Wait on what's wanted
6 26 Do it how you do it, however humble
7 27 Go for it, without judgment
8 28 Be aware of you old habits to be more free
9 29 You can step out of your bubble ... slowly if need to
10 30 Facing reality even a little delivers power
11 July 1 Take out-of-box forward action ... and Give what you have to give
12 2 Leave old, arrive new ... vacation in this case
13 3 When it's time, prepare yourself as you are and step up
14 JULY 4 Join Facebook and make first post "... International Bust Out Day ..."
15 5 This is your shot - take it and give your best
16 6 Doing something different, including not doing, creates perspective
17 7 Find some real rest and regeneration if you can
18 8 Absolute certainty is overrated and likely inaccurate anyway
19 9 Preparing to start even if you don't know on what is still forward motion
20 10 Over anticipation can result in jumping the gun
21 11 Look to the new, alive and real, beyond an old idea of "specialness"
22 12 Build ideas to build things to create better space to build better ideas
23 13 The right journey is worthy to take regardless of knowing its length
24 14 Actually connecting with life and relationships, even if only in your own mind, moves the heart
25 15 Forward, backward, neither. Choose one.
26 16 The race is different in the middle and one does well to approach it accordingly
27 17 Keep on pushing
28 18 Life is persistence
29 19 When stop fighting the problems and difficulties and just go, you can once again see the whole world around you
30 20 In the flow
31 21 On the wave, we carry on
32 22 Feeling invincible
33 23 Give your everything, or give nothing at all
34 24 Real fatigue and pain is no joke
35 25 What am I doing here?
36 26 Maybe I shouldn't be doing this
37 27 Is this ever going to end?
38 28 Are we there yet?
39 29 I feel like giving up
40 30 I really really feel like giving up
41 31 I'm not giving up
42 August 1 The Answer to the Universe is the Meaning of Life is all the children sing "What's the Meaning of Life?"
43 2 Lifted on the wind
44 3 Soaring on the winds
45 4 What a view
46 5 What I thought was work is life is joy
47 6 Scanning the horizon, feel what I've been looking for is near
48 7 I see something, and go get closer
49 8 Spotted It - Finish Line - Kick It - Dive Bomb
50 9 Power Play - Look out for the Lion

Following these initial formative tracked days, various additional days were tracked, though not here further described, including articulation of what the individual realized he was here to do (to create a mini series of some sort about architecture, his profession). Next came release of this "Architecture Show" a series whose first volume consists of 7 episodes and their sub-parts. The dates of release of each episode is tracked in the Architecture Show - Volume I - Architecture Now 2017 document, and can be viewed there.

Next, episode 8 "Back to Forward" was released, January 1, 2018, which presented the initial breakthrough psychotherapy session. Following this episode, the individual's arc continued to veer further off the beaten track of the professed content, prompting Mythros to take on this project as a case study in being unfoldment.

Episode 9 "Judgment" was released on January 11, 2018.

Episode 10 "Response" was released January 25, 2018.

Episode 11 "Considering Everything" was released February 14, 2018.

Episode 12 - "Admission" was released March 1, 2018.

Episode 13 - part 1 - "Surrender" was released March 15, 2018.

Episode 13 - part 2 - "Transformation" was released April 1, 2018.

It has been our pleasure to host production of episodes by this individual. It would appear that with this most recent episode, he has completed the initial phase of unfoldment that we were presenting. His endeavors are now entering a new realm, beyond the focus of this platform. We wish him well as he steps into whatever is next on his path, and hope that our hosting of fitting episodes and the information shown here may prove some use and value for you.We are actively hosting further production of episodes by this individual. Check back to see new episodes on this site as they are completed and provided to us to post.